What is the idea behind Artefex?

Many people working within the Creative Arts industry have one thing in common.

They have an incredible talent within their own field of expertise. However, trying to share that talent with others can be difficult. There is of course Social Media but that has limitations and open to abuse. So, the Artefex website has been created to enable you to display your profile, promote your talent and skills and make other members aware so they can work with you and collaborate on specific projects.

The main aim is that members can generate additional income through selling their talent in anyway possible. Unlike other websites we have also tried to introduce new channels of working. For example, a painter or sculptor might require high quality photographs of their work to advertise, Theatrical groups and musicians again might need a photographer to film or take pictures of them entertaining. Models might be needed at various locations for promotional shoots. Graphic designers might be needed to promote individuals or groups through quality advertising materials.

The combinations are endless. Artefex will not take a penny in commission from what you earn. All we do is provide the platform and the infrastructure to share your work securely and within the Creative Arts marketplace. So the people that benefit from Artefex is you, the members of the website. So please fill out your Profile with as much detail and images as you can to enhance the chances of you being found during members search activity. Good luck!

If you have any new ideas we should consider send them to us using the Contact Us form and all of the ideas will be considered. Thank you for joining our new club.

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